Kraton Tradition

Traditional DanceJogjakarta, a small city with its motto “pleasurable hearted” is not only well known as a student’s city, but also for its Java’s culture richness. Kraton Jogja, which is a Sultan Palace, is an exotic place with traditional Java ambience in the middle of this city’s rapid modernization. Kraton Jogja, tourist objects which has captivating lots of tourists both local and foreign countries really provides a unique, interesting, beautiful, pleasurable and fun atmosphere. Lots of life aspects here in Kraton Jogja that still maintains values of glorious Java’s culture from the ancient times, so it’s reasonable if this city is called “The Never Ending Asia”

Going around Jogja for a vacation means there are lots of tourist objects which will be a pity if you miss it. You will have some kinds of tourist objects which are available here based on your interests. You can visit many historical buildings, have a culinary tour, even a tour that will add your experience and knowledge about Jogja’s traditional specialty handicraft.

For you who love to hunt and taste the new food surely will be delighted if you can share the same menu with Kraton kings’ favorite menus. Just try to visit one of the famous restaurants here, Gadri Resto. This is the restaurant that will bring our sense of taste wandering around through the great taste and the originality of the recipes (which have been hereditary used in Kraton). You can also eat traditional Jogja’s foods in a joglo (Javanese traditional house) in a unique restaurant, Bale Raos.

The historical buildings around Kraton are also interesting to be seen. The traditional structure whose originality, beauty, and the shape of the uniqueness of the building’s structure which is also symbolized the Kraton people’s life. That is definitely useful for you to widen your tour experience.

Not only culinary tour and historical buildings, you can also dig a new lesson by learning how to make batik cloth, kite, music, with expert teacher in its field; Pak Hadjir (batik teacher whose name is well known by world). Kraton Jogja, offers more than just a cultural tourism.

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