Gabusan Market

Gabusan Market, a Handicraft Paradise in Bantul
Art Market Gabusan which accommodates 444 artisans have been crafting heaven Bantul. Equipped with the information center, this market will gradually accommodate 8015 units of crafts from around Bantul.
There are other ways to enjoy the artwork without having exhausted residents of Bantul explore every hamlet who produce it, namely by visiting Gabusan Art Market. The market which is located at km 9 this Parangtritis during the last 2 years has become a center of sale and purchase crafts from around Bantul. Not just a market, Gabusan also equipped with other facilities, such as snacks, access to information technology to store their daily needs.
Since the beginning of construction, Gabusan craftsmen designed to open access to international markets. Therefore, unlike other markets, market design which holds about 444 craftsmen is also international. The design of the market building  not only involves the architect in the country but also abroad, with the highlight of the local architecture. Divided into 16 stalls, Gabusan sells handicrafts from various materials, ranging from leather, metal, wood, clay until the water hyacinth.
Arrive at the area of Gabusan art market, you will be greeted by a gate which was designed very interesting. At the gate, there will some restaurants that could tease your tongue. Dining in one of those restaurants, besides enjoying the delicious dishes you can also see the sights across the region Gabusan from above. Not far from the region, there is a shop which could be the central information service needs of tourists. The design was deliberately made as an artistic shop that has a special attraction.
Entering the first los, you can enjoy a craft bag made of similar material rattan. Wicker bag which strongly suggests a very neat and blend cloth as an accessory would be a significant added value. Variety of unique designs at once elegant bag makes it multifunctional and can be used everywhere. Other types of craft stalls are available at the box made of woven bamboo. Although simple in design and function, the box still have the uniqueness and available in a variety of bright colors.
If you want to shop decoration on the coffee table in the form of a candle, you can visit los eight. Various candles from different bases are there in the stalls. There is a candle holder shaped like a small brown bowl with rope decoration around it. There is also a candle holder made of bamboo split a few sides that is used as an ornament of the legs with the rope too. Besides having a function as a container candle lights sources, naturally beautiful design will captivate your guests at home.
Ranging about home decoration, it can be found in los six some masks with interesting variations. Some masks are made of leather inlaid with very nice with interesting color. Also, we will be pleased with artificial ornamental plants such as wood flower. Made of wood and clay, usually the outer surface of the jar is decorated by certain motives.
Small trinkets that is functional for you and the family are also presented in this market. Of course with a more artistic designs which have added value in addition to its main function. A frame, for example, many are designed to draw even with the standard form. There are certain motifs decorated the edges, such as a dragon motif, etc. Other artifacts such as pencils are  also available in different variations. There is a pencil-shaped with people sitting with white hair ornaments in the head, while the hole where the pencil is at the front. There will be more knick-knacks to the citizens of Bantul creativity that can be found, such as tray (presenter tools beverages) with a variety of designs.
A central information contained in the shop which is located in this area will help you find the product of craft you desired to have. At the center of that information, you can view product details and pricing. Connected to the Internet network, the existence of this information center shows that all the goods available at the Art Market Gabusan can be ordered online. Gradually, as well as art market information center will accommodate 8015 Gabusan existing craft units throughout Bantul. You who live far from Yogyakarta would not have to bother anymore. Although this market had been affected by the earthquake of Yogyakarta on 27 May 2006, but the damage is being repaired. On 26 October, a schedule of an exhibition of art was held in this market which followed by about 270 artisans.

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