Jogja, Bicycle City

Do you know that Yogyakarta city was once known as the “City of Bicycles”? Yogyakarta had become a Bicycle City.
In 1950, the city of Yogyakarta was well known as the “City of Bicycles”.
We can see that Yogyakarta is not like before. Yes, indeed the city is still full of bikes; not bicycles, but motorcycles!
By the existence of some communities of bike lovers, such as Circle onthel Djogjakarta, this city is still a bicycle barometer in Indonesia.
Therefore, the District Government of Yogyakarta  would like to return the title for the City of Yogyakarta. For that reason, they invented the program Sego Segawe which is the abbreviation for Sepeda Kanggo Sekolah Lan Nyambut Gawe, which means “Bicycle for school and work”. Then, let’s go to school and work by bike!

When you’re visiting this city, in some main streets,  there is a special traffic signs for bicycle users. For example, there are street signs like “Bicycle Track.”
That is, if you ride a bike through the alternative path, you are free to bike and you don’t need to fight from the crowded with other vehicles, like motorcycles and cars.
Besides, in a few signs for traffic lights, the road is inscribed with “Bicycle Waiting Room.” .
The purpose of this sign is if you ride a bike and are in the area, you can wait in front of another vehicle at a red light the flame.

Stop here, we may be in front of other vehicles you know, when the traffic light turns red.
Fun, right? It really privileged, you know bicycle users in Yogya!
And reportedly, the City Government of Yogyakarta will add special bicycle parking at 40 strategic points scattered in the city of Yogyakarta.
Well, that’s just okay! Yes, baseball? Yes, hopefully Yogyakarta city as the “City Bike” can be famous again!
Eits, you like riding a bike, what? Riding a bike is healthy and can reduce air pollution, you know! Let’s ride bikes!

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