Dagadu T-Shirt

Dagadu derived from the slang of young people of Yogya, which means: Your Eyes, Your Eyes, Your Eyes … it has now become part of the cultural products of Jogja, of course, in addition to batik, bakpia, geplak, and warm.

Those who came to Yogyakarta, Jogja, Jogjakarta, or Djokdja without buying Dagadu, then secured unauthorized presence. “I do not buy into Djokdja period Dagadu, had to Dagadu, do not buy a fake”, Jogja people who on average are proud Dagadu. Thus, Dagadu been juggling lifestyle Jogja even human beings Indonesia became a fashionable and full of sportsmanship. Or in the language Darmanto Jatman, “This t-shirt will transform you from the members of the traditional rural feudal agrarian community unto a postmodern post-industrial post-urban post-democratic c.y.”
So true Aart Van Zoest said in his book De Rol Van Context, Cultuur en Ideologie in Semiotiek, that clothing is a very popular system. He said, we dress not only because of functional considerations such as genitals or cover also protects the body from the cold. Instead, clothes are a symbol, semiotic tools. With clothes we say “I am very handsome”, “I’m from Jogja”, “I’m still young”, and so on.

Nowadays, Dagadu has become a sign, a symbol, which it includes in its meaning, contained the message, as inflame by experts kinds of semiotics Umberto Eco, Martin Krampen, Roman Jakobson, to Roland Barthes.

For us, Dagadu is a sign of the spirit to work through the media that was once just a shirt and it is now presented in a variety of trinkets souvenirs such as mugs, glasses, ganci (key chains), gancet (rubber keychain) and other knacks. In the media, contained also a sign of a desire to communicate through drawings or writing a funny, smart and friendly. Obviously we did Dagadu, a smart-smile-Djokdja.

As a fragment of a poem written in “Duile Dagadu”, wearing t-shirts … Dagadu, he forgot cakil denawe, canceled challenging Arjune challenging, even cool ngerep Dagadu adu da dee, Dagadu gandumu mengsle sip. Pokoke rich Dagadu Rase, no submarine was Christian, not Java no Bali, no Golput Golkar, use Dagadu all brother. Dagadu frees you from the spirit of the tribe, freeing you from the shackles of racial intolerance, essentially, free from sectarianism primodialisme.

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