Angkringan (derived from the Javanese ‘Angkring’, which means sit down) is a push cart that sells a variety of foods and beverages commonly contained in each side of roads in Central Java and Yogyakarta. In the shop it is famous as hik (“special meal a la the village”). Angkringan Cart is ordinary a plastic sheeting covered with a cloth and can carry about 8 people purchaser. Operating from late afternoon, it relied on the traditional lighting of senthir, and also aided by the bright lights of the road.

Foods that are sold include rice cat, fried, intestine satay (chicken), satay quail egg, chips and others. All sold a wide range of beverages such as tea, citrus, coffee, tape, wedang ginger and milk. All sold at a very affordable price.
Although the price is cheap, but the consumers come from a various backgrounds. Starting from the pedicab driver, a builder, office workers, students, artists, even to the officials and executives. Between buyers and sellers are often seen chatting with relaxing and amicably atmosphere.

Angkringan also known as an egalitarian place because of the variety of buyers who come without distinction of social strata or racial intolerance. They enjoy free food while chatting until late into the night – although not known each other – about things or sometimes discussing serious topics. The cheap price and relaxing place that makes angkringan very popular in the middle of the city as a stopover to repel hungry or just unwind.

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