Bakpia – Pia cake from Jogja

Bakpia is a sort of food made from green beans with sugar mixture wrapped in flour and then baked. In some areas of Indonesia, the food seemed ‘legit’ (very delicious) if it is eaten. Bakpia is known as the pia or pia cake.

This cake is a descent of Chinese tou luk pia, which means ‘mung bean cake’. Bakpia began to be produced in Pathok village, Yogyakarta, around 1948, and was traded in baskets without label until 1980, when these commodities began to be packaged appropriately and trademarked with the maker’s house number. Bakpia business was developed rapidly since then, and became booming in 1992. There have been some development in bakpia filling, such as durian, cheese and chocolate too.

For over twenty years now, bakpia have been famous as souvenirs from Yogyakarta. Let’s have a bite! ^^

Bakpia Production Process

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