The Legendary Gudeg of Jogja PDF Print E-mail

Jogjakarta is already known as gudeg city for most Indonesian. It is a traditional food from Jogja. It is just like Satay (roasted beef in stick) from Madura and Pempek from Palembang, Gudeg Jogja has been well known in Indonesia, even in other countries. In Jogja, Gudeg has been widespread in almost every area, from the Gudeg center on Wijilan Street to other places.

Gudeg is known as local food from Jogja which is made from young jackfruit cooked with santan and kluwak for 2 hours in a big pot. Santan is water got from extract coconut and kluwak is the local flavor. Sometimes the pot is made from metal or clay. People say that the gudeg cooked on clay pot gets different taste, more well-done and characteristic on the aroma smells nice. Every gudeg cookers have their secret recipes; they have been passed down from generation to generation. In Jogjakarta, there is a famous place called Kampong Wijilan which gudeg is being made on a traditional way by firewood and clay pots. The other gudeg may find in Solo Street, Maliboro, Alun-alun Lor, Kaliurang Street, etc. Almost big streets on Jogjakarta have their own gudeg sellers. A lot of cafes or small restaurants serve Gudeg with various tastes, surely the prices follows, especially at Wijilan Street.

Vendors of Gudeg usually attract the customers’ attention by making an attractive packaging named kendhil (a clay-made package). It does not only make the serving become more attractive but also makes the taste become more delicious. We can find the Gudeg Kendhil in almost every place which serves gudeg.

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