Tiwul or thiwul is a traditional food made from cassava. Cassava is the alternative food for some Indonesian while waiting for their rice to yield. But for the people of Gunungkidul, cassava has been their staple food since long time ago. Through processing, they make tiwul out of cassava as a food in place of rice. Tiwul has a similar taste to rice but the texture is finer than rice and shaped like small balls.

These days, the Gunungkidul dietary habits have been changed from eating tiwul to rice. This dietary change is influenced by urbanization, especially of the younger generation. The society’s dietary habit changed gradually because it is influenced by urban society which has rice for its staple food.

Although the dietary changed, it does not mean tiwul is being left behind. Tiwul used to be a substitute for rice, but now it has been changed into a snack by adding shaved coconut and brown sugar to make it taste sweet and sour. The food which was branded as village food now has become a popular souvenir for visitors from outside Gunungkidul.

The special characteristic of tiwul is its sweet and sour taste. Besides this, you can taste the brown sugar flow together with shave coconut. The small round shape and slightly chewy texture makes this special food from Gunungkidul delicious, even more so when still warm.

There are some advantages people can get from consuming tiwul. Although the calories are lower than rice, tiwul is greater in fat, calcium, iron and vitamins A and C. Additionally, tiwul is believed to prevent gastric pains.

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