Merapi Mountain


Merapi is one of the volcanoes mountain with the height of 2968 . It is located in the active center of the island of Java in Indonesia. There are many sides that can be seen from Merapi. In the south side of Merapi is Yogyakarta Sleman district, Magelang district is on the west side, Boyolali district is on the east and north sides, and Klaten district in the southeast side. The mountain is surrounded by very dense settlement. Since the year 1548 this volcano has erupted 68 times as much. Mount Merapi, also including the youngest volcano that led to the south of Mount Ungaran. This peak grows in the southwest side of the peak of Mount Batulawang older. Activity of Mount Merapi has been explosive and elusive. Also estimated that an explosive eruption with debris material that leads to the west. Geologists in 2006 detected a giant space below Merapi contain materials such as mud that are “significantly impede the vibration waves of an earthquake”. Small eruptions usually occur 2-3 years, and large eruptions occurred at 10-15 years. eruption in 1872 estimated that the strongest eruption. The latest eruption, in 2010 the diperkiran also a very powerful eruption. In 1930, which destroyed three dozen villages and killed 1400 people, is the biggest victim of the eruption with the record until now. November 1994 eruption caused hot clouds glide down to reach some villages and claimed 60 human lives. July 19, 1998 eruption is big enough but it pointed up so it does not take casualties. In 2006 Mount Merapi high-return activities and had claimed two lives of volunteers in the region because of a hack Kaliadem hot clouds.
The eruption of 2010 also observed as a deviation from the eruption “Merapi type” because it is accompanied by explosive blast and the rumbling sound is heard up to a distance of 20-30 km. Upgrading of the “normal active” to “alert” on September 20, 2010. After about a month, on October 21, status changed to “alert” since at 18:00 pm. Material spewing volcanic eruptions as high as approximately 1.5 km and is accompanied by the release of heat clouds which swept Kaliadem, Kepuharjo Village, District Cangkringan, Sleman. Citizens residing in the area at fleeing. The eruption of this time kills one of the caretaker of Mount Merapi, which is Mbah Maridjan. He was one of the key interpreters of Mount Merapi. In research that Mbah Maridjan died during prostration.

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